Bad And Good Benefit Of Massage After Gym

Losing weight and getting into shape can be hard work. It requires one to work out and exercise. Stressing out the body is the only way to make it do work. Doing work, in turn, uses energy. This energy comes from the food stored as fat in the body. TheRead More

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A gym-like workout when using table saw and planer

Woodwork is a home gym. Lifting wood and using a table saw involves using the muscles which prevent gaining of fat. As long as you reduce fat in your body and strive to build your muscles then you are already working out. Table saw listed by rank according to fitnessRead More

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Why Keep Gym in School?

Bad And Good Benefit Of Massage After Gym

Losing weight and getting into shape can be hard work. It requires one to work out and exercise. Stressing out the body is the only way to make it do work. Doing work, in turn, uses energy. This energy comes from the food stored as fat in the body. The problem is that exercising is a very strenuous activity. It takes its toll on both the mind and the body. Exercising too much can burn someone out, after which point they can’t exercise again. That’s why it’s important to know one’s limits and only incrementally increase physical loads, on a weekly basis.

Despite how good exercising is for the mind and body, many people try to avoid it. Many people like to skip work out since they think the work it takes to get into shape is too much of a hassle. However, anyone serious about improving their physique and overall health and well-being shouldn’t ignore the positive effects of exercising. Most people start off exercising either at home, with body-weight exercises or join a gym. In the beginning, working out at home is just as effective as going to the gym to exercise. Eventually, though, the additional tools and pieces of equipment present at a gym start proving invaluable. Don’t get me wrong, beginners find the equipment present at the gym useful as well. It’s always easier to exercise when you have everything you need to target every muscle of your body present at a single location.

Working out at a gym can be strenuous since after every session, your muscles will be completely worn out and you’ll find your body unwilling to move. One of the best ways to deal with the fatigue that comes after gyming is to get a good massage. A massage is capable of fully relaxing your body and relieving it of the fatigue and stress that it has been through. A massage is simply about lying down and feeling your body being rejuvenated by the work of the hands of a skillful masseuse. The benefits of a getting a massage are numerous and varied. A massage has more benefits than simply being able to make you feel better. A good massage has the potential to improve your health and make your next workout session more productive.

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit. A massage relieves the tension in your muscles. This tension and fatigue accumulate as a result of you putting your body through its paces and as a result of the effects of working daily. By getting rid of this fatigue, you can feel more energetic and be able to approach your ambitions and problems with more vigor and intensity. Another way that getting a massage after gym helps is that can make you feel well rested. This means that when you step out of the massage parlor, not only will you be more fit, but you’ll also feel fresher.

What’s left to ask is what type of massage you should go for. The answer to this question will depend on what type of exercises you participated in that day. For example, if you ran on the treadmill a lot, your feet are likely to be an exhausted part of your body. In such an instance, it’s best to find a massager of your foot for an optimal experience.

A word of caution, though. Not all massages are created equally. Getting a massage from an untrained individual may leave you feeling worse. This is one of the bad aspects of massages. This happens because when a poor massage is performed on your body, it aggravates the muscles instead of soothing them. This can result in feeling pain that can make the recovery process after a hard workout session slower. As a result, you have to wait an additional day or two before you can be ready to step into the gym again.

A gym-like workout when using table saw and planer

Woodwork is a home gym. Lifting wood and using a table saw involves using the muscles which prevent gaining of fat. As long as you reduce fat in your body and strive to build your muscles then you are already working out. Table saw listed by rank according to fitness trainers is the best home working project that enhances physical fitness. Some of the wood are made from hardwood which requires you to use more energy, in the process, you burn calories hence enhancing weight loss.

Work out involve weight loss, strength and muscle endurance and keeping fit. It all starts with the mind. As long as you engage in woodworking projects, you produce your designs that uplift your spirit and builds your confidence levels which further promotions emotional health. In this case, your stress levels are also kept at optimum levels which have a long term effect of reduction of lifestyle diseases.

Work out is effective when you also embrace proper and healthy diet. You need the energy to work on the table saw and the planer, your diet needs more carbohydrates and starch to give you the right calories which you will further be utilized during the woodwork operations. All these create a balance between the input and output hence promoting good health.

The body movement involves while planning is a work out on its own right. If you frequently engage in planning be sure you strengthen your biceps and triceps for agility and muscular endurance- one of the goals of physical fitness training.

You have different objectives when you opt for a workout session, in woodwork, splitting of wood in strengthens your arms and back muscles which improved your grip and strength to hold tools. Have you worked on a woodwork project with someone and you pity him since he cannot even hold a table saw with power? This is an indicator of the poor strength of the arm muscle caused by poor lifestyle and lack of practice on the specific muscle.

Modern technology in various woodworking tools may not promote workout because of the automated features, however, the hand tools like the table saw and the planer promotes the use of different parts of the body and body movement for you to come up with your dream designs.

You cannot expect to work on a single project and relax thinking you have done a home workout. Even in gyms, you have to attend frequent sessions to achieve your desired fitness goals. The results depend on the duration and frequency of the use of the hand tools. The more you use the tools the faster and the better the results.

Every gym sessions tend to work out a specified boy part, the planer supports the upper and the lower limbs while the table saw supports the front and the back muscles.

You lack enough money to subscribe to the nearest gym yet you have this woodwork tool in the home, why not use them to achieve the same fitness goals while you design woodwork projects for your home.

Top smoker grill for a gym – healthy benefits

There is a vast amount of people taking advantage of using grills to cook their food in a gym, this has long been a tradition for many families in many countries.

One way to spice up that cooking in a gym experience would be to use a smoker grill instead of using an ordinary grill(Click here to see available grills), these types of the grill are a different approach to grilling as they cook your food by using smoke instead of flames or a heater plate. The big advantage of this is that the food has that wonderful smoky aroma and taste, and is considered to be a healthier way of cooking food in Gym.

There are different types of wood you can use that will create a different taste sensation to your food, these consist of oak or hickory wood chips both giving a distinct flavor to your food. This transforms the food from being bland and ordinary grilled food into savory exiting smokey flavored offerings, which is something different to offer your friends when they come round for that BBQ gym.

When the smoker grill is in operation the actual flame never touches the food, this means that the food will take slightly longer to cook than an ordinary grill giving time for exercise. But this is a small price to pay when you taste the results of your smoked cooked food, also the general opinion is that the way the smoker grill cooks the food it traps a lot of the nutrients inside which means healthier food for you.

This is very true when cooking vegetables, the nutrients are trapped inside and you end up with healthy food that is delicious with that great smokey taste. Another benefit of the top smoker grill for a gym is that you do not get the same amount of fat content when cooking, this is very important to your health as we all know less fat leads to a healthier lifestyle.

There is a wide choice of grills available on the market today varying in different shapes and designs, perhaps one of the more common grills is one where you have the grill at the top and the firebox below. These are very popular because it gives you a choice of how you want to cook your food smoked or grilled, this type is not much bigger than an ordinary grill, therefore, it is very easy to move around as they normally come with two wheels attached.

The costs involved in buying a top smoker grill for a gym can vary according to what type you are after, the commercial grill can be very expensive and is not really suitable for gym grilling due to their size. Portable smoker grill for a gym is slightly more expensive than say an ordinary grill, but the advantages of using a smoker grill far outweigh the initial extra cost.

So the next time you are planning a gym BBQ why not try something a little bit different and buy a smoker grill, and amaze your family and friends with great tasting smoked food.

Use garment steamer as part of gym training

Whether going to gym is a fashion or a necessity, one needs to have proper gear for gym training. A lot of people believe clothing can enhance motivation as per the “enclothed cognition”, which affects the performance as well. One cannot just wear regular, everyday clothes to the gym for training not only would it hurdle your performance but also would behave as an itch at the back of your mind. Surely you wouldn’t wish to handle your pants or those heels or slip while doing the elliptical training or jogging the treadmill.

  • Which training gear to choose for the gym?

When deciding what clothes to wear for gym training or workouts one must keep one important teeny tiny thing that never chooses a fabric that wouldn’t allow wicking, that is absorbing the sweat away from the body such as polyester, spandex, Lycra or polypropylene. Some layers and lines of workout gears include Supplex or Coolmax fibers. But if you do not sweat a lot you might as well wear cotton training clothes. Cotton is not only soft it is also comfortable, however, too much sweating can cause it to be heavy and cling to your body. If you intend for aerobic activities or more intense training you must not choose cotton.
You must choose clothes you feel comfortable in hence, if you feel like you train better in fitted garments you must go with the fitted garments but if you feel you train better in loose garments that’s what you should wear.

Now that you know what you must wear for gym training you have only one more generic problem to deal with that is whether you should iron them or not. Ironing training clothes is not a very good idea. But if they’re wrinkled and full of creases and you do not feel very good about wearing them to gym you obviously need a quick solution. And that easy and quick solution is none other than a Jiffy garment steamer. Why Jiffy is the brand for you? Its best for your clothes

  • Garment Steamers for Gym Training Clothes

There are many fabrics like polypropylene that when exposed to too much heat actually melt. Such fabrics are not meant to be ironed. Training clothes when not cotton, are usually made of fabrics like parachute stuff or Lycra. Ironing Lycra or parachute is a bad idea but when wrinkled one has to do something. That something is steaming. Garment steaming doesn’t melt or scorch those sensitive fabrics. Fabrics like polypropylene, parachute, and Lycra can be steamed to take out the creases and wrinkles as steaming never overheats or melt those materials. Also, steaming doesn’t take as much time as ironing. And the best part is you can steam clothes while they’re still on the hanger.
Training clothes are sensitive to heat, even cotton doesn’t always endure too much heating. Hence, it is best advised to use a garment steamer and if you don’t have one buy one today.
Happy Steaming!



Tips in Capturing Children’s Smile using your camera


Small things like cameras fascinate children, they ignite their curiosity levels such that taking a photograph becomes a challenge. A photographer has to devise various ways to capture their attention and concentrate on the camera. Their low attention span contributes to poor photo capture, which depicts frustration and disappointment. Here are a few tips to get them have a natural smile

imagesRespect their decisions

You want to capture the right personality of the child, when you tickle them to smile yet they did not want to take the photograph, one can differentiate the fake smile from the natural smile in the photograph. Once a child decides not to take the photograph, respect that decision. Instead, involve her in other fun activities and later request if you could take it. Let children photography be fun, you can also allow them to use your camera so that you create a positive impression of your intentions. Later you will realize they will request you to take the photograph at will.

Build trust

Children have different personalities in handling visitors; the shy ones might not be comfortable with your presence. Create a rapport with the parents and other family members for bonding purposes. Let the camera be just part of your visit. The moment you enter the house and get out the camera, the child will be hostile the entire photo shoot period.

Engage them in truant games

Children love playing, engage in silly activities. At some point, let them choose which children_photography10-889x604games they may want you to engage with them. Take photographs which has the best screen resolution, they may turn out to be funny and entertaining. This creates social interactions and a friendly environment. The familiarity gives you command such that when you get too serious business they will sing to your tune. Use irony, like, do not smile, naturally, a kid will get it as a joke and smile. Fun games create a welcoming platform -a starting point for other activities.

Take photos on location

Children especially toddlers do not stay in one place. Their innovative nature is a plus to get the smile. He can run away from you and climb on top of a chair, takes a pause to smile at you. You can get the snapshot of many of those activities and make a choice on the best.

Let them take control

Defiant children love dominance, take advantage of that. Be the child and let them be the director to tell you what to do. Take turns before you realize you have the best shot of the nice smile you were looking for.

Be creative

Children are adventurous, take advantage and play hide and seek, show them the parts of the camera and their functions. Prove to them using a few shots. In the end, they become curious and want to be involved in the activity.

Children are easy and tough to handle, you have to use your own discretion and study the child’s mood at that particular time before you make a decision to take the photographs.

Building a gym equipment made of wood


Physical fitness is everyone’s desire. Advanced technology has its own share of challenges including access to information at the tip of your hand. This leaves little time for workouts. You can still build your own gym equipment at home using wood. Woodwork is considered a traditional technique of building equipment. However, the technique saves money on gym subscriptions. Wooden gym equipment is built using simple tools and techniques to build strength training tools, cardiovascular kits, and stamina renewal equipment. Some of the equipment includes:

Yoga blocks

Yoga is a form of exercise mostly practiced by the Indians. It renews the physical body and the spiritual body. The stamina renewal equipment needs the following materials: wood, sandpaper, tape measure, strap and a cushion. The homemade equipment is simple and easy to make. Cut the block into desired sizes. Smoothen it with sandpaper and stick them together using the strap as simple as that. You can also make a hand –made yoga bag for portability of the block.

Foam roller

Commercial rollers are not affordable. You have an option of improvising one using wood. It is simple equipment made from wood and other locally available materials. You need wood, sandpaper, saw and a sharp knife. Cut the wood into 9 inches long and 3 inches width. Use the sandpaper to smoothen the edges into round shapes. A sharp knife helps to level the edges to make a wooden roll.


This is a traditional trampoline ideal for cardiovascular exercises. Its support is made of wood, but the inner part you can use spring for a rebound effect. Cut four pieces of wood into desired sizes depending on your size, use a strap to fix the edges to the spring. You can permanently fix it on the ground to improve its durability.

Shovel glove

This is new gym equipment, though rare in commercial gyms. It is simple equipment; all you need is a rod and an old sweater. Cut the wood into a small piece equivalent to a rod, use the old sweater to wrap it at one edge of the rod. Find the best sawstop saw for the job like bosch. If you got a jet proshop already that would be better! That is it! To use the tool as workout equipment; you spin it in one direction after the other at specific intervals. It is believed to be ideal for breath control and cardiovascular exercises though no proven science supports this.

Hand weights

Weight lifting is a common exercise in the gym. You can use tree trunks and shape them to portable shape, for portability while exercising. The tree trunks need to shape, (circular) using a saw and sandpaper.

Woodwork project designs different gym equipment of specific purposes. Choose to make the equipment with your workout goals in mind. Great caution is required on the type of wood and its waterproof effect. Workouts are characterized by sweating; you should ensure the wood does not have an effect on it. You can build your home gym with numerous “Do it Yourself” (DIY) woodwork gym equipment.


Ping Pong workouts benefits

Both the single and double table tennis is a physically intensive sport. It is a good form of exercise to remove excess fat and keep fit while having fun. Whether you play it for competitions or for personal growth, the overall benefit on human health is tremendous. The physical exercise involves the whole body because of fast leg and hands movement, eye coordination, and high mental intelligence to keep the ball in check or you can try ping pong robots that you can play against.

Some of the fitness benefits of ping pong include:

Physical fitness

Coordination of the legs, hands, and eyes ensure the entire body part is fit. Spinning and fast- ball return is equivalent to a marathon. This improves the player’s physical health through stronger bones and muscle movement. The fast sport ensures the total well-being of the body, which further reduces aging process, weight, and cholesterol.


Removal of excess fat

Singles tennis is more tiring compared to doubles. At the end of the match, there is a lot of sweating to burn excess fats and calories. Sweating helps excrete waste products from the body to keep you fit.


Burn calories

An hour of intensive tennis play burns an average of 270 calories. The fun and addiction of sport translate to burning more calories.


Mental fitness

Reflex movements in returning balls improve one cognitive development in ball response which in turn translates to improved mental health. It is equivalent to aerobic session responsible for long retention of the exercise.


Maintain balance

Tennis boundaries ensure a player responds to the ball in any direction; enhancing balance ideal for adult ages. Body balance is an essential component in physical health since it is responsible for coordination of body systems and organs.


Enhanced coordination

Tennis involves the ball response, spinning, hand movement, leg movement and balancing within seconds. Continuous play enhances coordination between the body parts and the ball as you take care of the boundaries and other restrictions.


Reduced injury

Tennis has a low risk of muscle and bone injury compared to cardiovascular exercises in the gym. Gym exercises are prone to workout injuries which can be costly to treat and maintain the body balance after that. Tennis play gives intensive cardiovascular exercise without even the player noticing. It is the best exercise while having fun too.


Reduced fatigue

Fatigue is a clear indication of poor physical and mental health. Improved well-being will reduce a headache and fatigue which makes the player more active. This further lead reduces minor ailments, because of generation of new body cells leading to proper body functions.


Table tennis builds a player’s five components: stamina, endurance, footwork, response power, violent power, and endurance. Intensive play with frequent stoppages increases the heart rate while keeping the body active throughout the entire session. The endurance of such body function means a great stamina. This further leads to initializing the ball with strength and proper response to violent balls as you maintain your balance. Ping Pong enthusiast have their own tables compared to other tables for more exciting game. This is a popular sport for weight loss challenge. You can achieve the full benefits of tennis as a workout after regular matches.

Locating the best gym in town


Health and fitness challenge is becoming popular in most households. Entrepreneurs have capitalized on the demand through the establishment of gyms with specific and extra services within your reach. However, not every gym will suit you. There are several factors to guide you on the best gym to attend. There are many applications to help you locate the nearest gym as well as the services provided. Some gyms offer wholesome fitness while others offer specific fitness needs like cardiovascular, anaerobic exercises, stamina rejuvenations and increase or reduction of specific body parts.


Using the Global positioning system is a well-known tool to go to places without getting lost. You can check all comparison of motorcycle nav systems eg.: Garmin Zumo 660LM comparison with other GPS.

Online navigators

Digital technology offers numerous platforms in locating best gym within your locality. The applications use GPRS system to locate you and any gym registered within the networks. This method requires a strong internet connection. The main disadvantage of this method is it might not work in remote areas where network accessibility is poor. In addition, in case you do not have GPRS gadget, you cannot access the service.

Software applications

Software developers have also designed gadgets with inbuilt GPRS system attached to smartphones, tablets, and watches for easy navigation of places. The portability of the gadget makes the process easy and simple. These applications are downloaded from the manufacturer’s websites or online software shops free of charge. In case you require advanced services, you can opt for paid up applications or software.

Postal directories

Postal directories are considered the traditional methods of locating gyms. The post office has directories with names of all the gyms in a particular area. The alphabetical order of arrangement makes navigation and location easier. The main disadvantage of postal directories is they are not easily available; the technology is being faced out and replaced with digital technology. Apart from the post office, they are also available in mailboxes within your neighborhood. However, to maintain the books, postal offices have produced online directories via EBooks or online directories.


The gym is a business enterprise. Stiff competition has made the owners move a step further through various forms of advertisements. Some of the advertisements include TV, radio, newspapers, fitness magazines and newsletters, fliers, brochures and mall boards among others. You can use this method to locate the best gym, which fits your needs. However, these forms of advertisements may not reach a wider market or rather meet the needs of an urgent client who wants to locate a gym within a short time.


The internet is the main source of advertisement and access to information. The World Wide Web (WWW.) has all the information about gyms available within the locality. They use search Engine like, among others to get the location of the gym. The main advantage of the internet is it gives additional information and reviews from customers on their experience at the gym of interest.

Social Media Platform

The search engines in social media platforms also act as a great place to locate the nearest gym and the services offered.

It is evident; internet technology forms the major form of location of gyms in your neighborhood.

Why gym equipment has more bacteria than toilet seats

gym-toilet-postA product review site FitRate, conducted a study on hygiene while in the gym. It proved with sufficient evidence that there are more bacteria in the gym than in the toilet seat. All Facilities including gym have different brands of toilet like elongated toilets from American Standard; you can check more from here: The study sampled gym equipment in three different gyms and confirmed the hearsay.  The worst confirmation was that the bacteria are not the normal bacteria but very harmful to the human body.  The report should not scare you but there should be more sanitation measures after gym sessions to avoid infection of the bacteria.

Why the gym?

Bacteria thrive in warm and moist areas. Gym activities involve a lot of sweating which is a good habitat for bacteria. If not well sanitized, there is the easy passage of bacteria from the equipment to the users.

Gym sessions are one of the most unhygienic practices. The difficulty in controlling sweat dripping on the machines increases bacteria home. The seats, after heavy sessions also contribute to the spread of bacteria within the gym hall. Treadmills, free weights, and fitness bikes are the most affected equipment in the storage of bacteria.

Changing gym clothes daily is an uphill task. Most people prefer to wash them once a week. All the bacteria accumulated in the week, find a safe home as they transfer to suitable habitats within the human body. This leads to fungal and viral infections because of correct temperature, which favors the growth of the microorganisms.

These bacteria cause rashes, ringworms, warts, and flu and stomach disorders. Prevention of infection requires the effort of individuals and gym entrepreneurs. Some of the practices include.

Individual prevention tips

  • Change gym clothes on a daily basis.
  • Through cleaning of your body immediately after gym sessions and avoid touching the equipment after that.
  • Avoid sharing of towels, mats and clothes while at the gym.
  • Ensure no open wounds are exposed.
  • If possible, wear gloves when handling gym equipment.

Gym entrepreneurs

  • Disinfect used gym equipment after every session.
  • Have regular cleaning between sessions to avoid transfer of bacteria.
  • Provide enough gloves, mats and sanitation clothing for each guest and clean them before another use.
  • Provide disinfectant within the gym hall for continuous disinfection after heavy sweating.
  • Provide several taps at different points for sweat removal.

The above efforts do not provide a perfect way of bacteria prevention but it reduces the level of bacteria as well as the rate of infection. The skin and body openings are the best avenue for bacteria habitation. Great care and correct handling of gym equipment will reduce bacterial infection by a higher percentage. This study should not discourage you from enjoying your gym sessions but it acts as a revelation on the level of hygiene required when visiting the gym.

Generally, areas frequented by many people in informal occasions are bound to harbor pathogens. If great sanitation is not practiced, it can be a source of serious illnesses, which can reduce a human disease resistance capacity. Practice high standards of hygiene when in the gym to prevent serious illnesses, which might be fatal in worst scenarios.