Gym Workout for Intermediate Graders

Even intermediate grades can still workout. The mention of the word workout ignites the attention of people who are struggling with weight loss. This is a myth and it is exactly not the case, although most people who tend to lose weight are always encouraged to lose weight. The contemporaryRead More

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Why gym equipment has more bacteria than toilet seats

A product review site FitRate, conducted a study on hygiene while in the gym. It proved with sufficient evidence that there are more bacteria in the gym than in the toilet seat. All Facilities including gym have different brands of toilet like elongated toilets from American Standard; you can check moreRead More

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Why Keep Gym in School?

Gym Workout for Intermediate Graders

Even intermediate grades can still workout. The mention of the word workout ignites the attention of people who are struggling with weight loss. This is a myth and it is exactly not the case, although most people who tend to lose weight are always encouraged to lose weight.

The contemporary society and the invention of the digital tools make children have less time for games which promote physical exercises. Unlike, in the old days where most of the games were outdoor activities and naturally, children became fit. In fact, cases of obesity in intermediate graders were unheard of.

You do not have to engage the children with strenuous exercises, you can always find simple physical activities which are also fun and they will still enjoy the game. In addition, they have a low concentration span, so the style of a gym session will not work out for them. Why wait for a lifestyle disease to crop in, and then get to involve your children in physical exercises.

Look around your home, and be creative enough to involve the children in physical exercises which promote their overall health.

Moreover, these exercises come in handy to help them improve their cognitive skills which boost their performance in school.

As you seek to have these exercises, do not forget about the diet that these children take. There is no need of engaging them in a work out session when the type of diet they consume is not healthy. For you to have positive results from a workout session, you have to ensure that you also [provide a healthy diet.

Some of the exercises include:

Biking: Remember, the kind of exercises go hand in hand with fun and the ability to hold their concentration. If you just decide to have a gym session for these graders, then the activities will not be sustainable. Why not get children to engage in biking competitions. With this, they have fun and excise at the same time.

Rope skipping: This is also a good exercise which allows them to have fun ad they engage in a physical activity. Rope skipping is also good to ignite the central nervous process to allow muscles to relax after the exercise promoting overall growth of the children.

Nature walk: Children are curious in nature, build their curiosity in admiring nature and let them get to understand what nature had to offer. It could be a beginning of a great career in zoology o botany. Moreover, you also have a chance to bond and engage in healthy talks.

Dancing: This is also a good aerobic exercise for children. When you play good music with a high tempo, the children get to enjoy themselves without even noticing that they are exercising.

Swimming: If you have good weather, then swimming is also an enjoyable activity which is also a workout exercise.

You do not have to spend money to engage kids in workout activities which are strenuous. Just use what is available in your home. Bottom line, whatever the activity; let it be fun and enjoyable at the same time.

Why gym equipment has more bacteria than toilet seats

gym-toilet-postA product review site FitRate, conducted a study on hygiene while in the gym. It proved with sufficient evidence that there are more bacteria in the gym than in the toilet seat. All Facilities including gym have different brands of toilet like elongated toilets from American Standard; you can check more from here: and here The study sampled gym equipment in three different gyms and confirmed the hearsay.  The worst confirmation was that the bacteria are not the normal bacteria but very harmful to the human body.  The report should not scare you but there should be more sanitation measures after gym sessions to avoid infection of the bacteria.

Why the gym?

Bacteria thrive in warm and moist areas. Gym activities involve a lot of sweating which is a good habitat for bacteria. If not well sanitized, there is the easy passage of bacteria from the equipment to the users.

Gym sessions are one of the most unhygienic practices. The difficulty in controlling sweat dripping on the machines increases bacteria home. The seats, after heavy sessions also contribute to the spread of bacteria within the gym hall. Treadmills, free weights, and fitness bikes are the most affected equipment in the storage of bacteria.

Changing gym clothes daily is an uphill task. Most people prefer to wash them once a week. All the bacteria accumulated in the week, find a safe home as they transfer to suitable habitats within the human body. This leads to fungal and viral infections because of correct temperature, which favors the growth of the microorganisms.

These bacteria cause rashes, ringworms, warts, and flu and stomach disorders. Prevention of infection requires the effort of individuals and gym entrepreneurs. Some of the practices include.

Individual prevention tips

  • Change gym clothes on a daily basis.
  • Through cleaning of your body immediately after gym sessions and avoid touching the equipment after that.
  • Avoid sharing of towels, mats and clothes while at the gym.
  • Ensure no open wounds are exposed.
  • If possible, wear gloves when handling gym equipment.

Gym entrepreneurs

  • Disinfect used gym equipment after every session.
  • Have regular cleaning between sessions to avoid transfer of bacteria.
  • Provide enough gloves, mats and sanitation clothing for each guest and clean them before another use.
  • Provide disinfectant within the gym hall for continuous disinfection after heavy sweating.
  • Provide several taps at different points for sweat removal.

The above efforts do not provide a perfect way of bacteria prevention but it reduces the level of bacteria as well as the rate of infection. The skin and body openings are the best avenue for bacteria habitation. Great care and correct handling of gym equipment will reduce bacterial infection by a higher percentage. This study should not discourage you from enjoying your gym sessions but it acts as a revelation on the level of hygiene required when visiting the gym.

Generally, areas frequented by many people in informal occasions are bound to harbor pathogens. If great sanitation is not practiced, it can be a source of serious illnesses, which can reduce a human disease resistance capacity. Practice high standards of hygiene when in the gym to prevent serious illnesses, which might be fatal in worst scenarios.


Building a gym equipment made of wood


Physical fitness is everyone’s desire. Advanced technology has its own share of challenges including access to information at the tip of your hand. This leaves little time for workouts. You can still build your own gym equipment at home using wood. Woodwork is considered a traditional technique of building equipment. However, the technique saves money on gym subscriptions. Wooden gym equipment is built using simple tools and techniques to build strength training tools, cardiovascular kits, and stamina renewal equipment. Some of the equipment includes:

Yoga blocks

Yoga is a form of exercise mostly practiced by the Indians. It renews the physical body and the spiritual body. The stamina renewal equipment needs the following materials: wood, sandpaper, tape measure, strap and a cushion. The homemade equipment is simple and easy to make. Cut the block into desired sizes. Smoothen it with sandpaper and stick them together using the strap as simple as that. You can also make a hand –made yoga bag for portability of the block.

Foam roller

Commercial rollers are not affordable. You have an option of improvising one using wood. It is simple equipment made from wood and other locally available materials. You need wood, sandpaper, saw and a sharp knife. Cut the wood into 9 inches long and 3 inches width. Use the sandpaper to smoothen the edges into round shapes. A sharp knife helps to level the edges to make a wooden roll.


This is a traditional trampoline ideal for cardiovascular exercises. Its support is made of wood, but the inner part you can use spring for a rebound effect. Cut four pieces of wood into desired sizes depending on your size, use a strap to fix the edges to the spring. You can permanently fix it on the ground to improve its durability.

Shovel glove

This is new gym equipment, though rare in commercial gyms. It is simple equipment; all you need is a rod and an old sweater. Cut the wood into a small piece equivalent to a rod, use the old sweater to wrap it at one edge of the rod. Find the best sawstop saw here for the job. If you got a jet proshop already that would be better! That is it! To use the tool as workout equipment; you spin it in one direction after the other at specific intervals. It is believed to be ideal for breath control and cardiovascular exercises though no proven science supports this.

Hand weights

Weight lifting is a common exercise in the gym. You can use tree trunks and shape them to portable shape, for portability while exercising. The tree trunks need to shape, (circular) using a saw and sandpaper.

Woodwork project designs different gym equipment of specific purposes. Choose to make the equipment with your workout goals in mind. Great caution is required on the type of wood and its waterproof effect. Workouts are characterized by sweating; you should ensure the wood does not have an effect on it. You can build your home gym with numerous “Do it Yourself” (DIY) woodwork gym equipment.


Locating the best gym in town


Health and fitness challenge is becoming popular in most households. Entrepreneurs have capitalized on the demand through the establishment of gyms with specific and extra services within your reach. However, not every gym will suit you. There are several factors to guide you on the best gym to attend. There are many applications to help you locate the nearest gym as well as the services provided. Some gyms offer wholesome fitness while others offer specific fitness needs like cardiovascular, anaerobic exercises, stamina rejuvenations and increase or reduction of specific body parts.


Using the Global positioning system is a well-known tool to go to places without getting lost. You can check all comparison of motorcycle nav systems eg.: Garmin Zumo 660LM comparison with other GPS.

Online navigators

Digital technology offers numerous platforms in locating best gym within your locality. The applications use GPRS system to locate you and any gym registered within the networks. This method requires a strong internet connection. The main disadvantage of this method is it might not work in remote areas where network accessibility is poor. In addition, in case you do not have GPRS gadget, you cannot access the service.

Software applications

Software developers have also designed gadgets with inbuilt GPRS system attached to smartphones, tablets, and watches for easy navigation of places. The portability of the gadget makes the process easy and simple. These applications are downloaded from the manufacturer’s websites or online software shops free of charge. In case you require advanced services, you can opt for paid up applications or software.

Postal directories

Postal directories are considered the traditional methods of locating gyms. The post office has directories with names of all the gyms in a particular area. The alphabetical order of arrangement makes navigation and location easier. The main disadvantage of postal directories is they are not easily available; the technology is being faced out and replaced with digital technology. Apart from the post office, they are also available in mailboxes within your neighborhood. However, to maintain the books, postal offices have produced online directories via EBooks or online directories.


The gym is a business enterprise. Stiff competition has made the owners move a step further through various forms of advertisements. Some of the advertisements include TV, radio, newspapers, fitness magazines and newsletters, fliers, brochures and mall boards among others. You can use this method to locate the best gym, which fits your needs. However, these forms of advertisements may not reach a wider market or rather meet the needs of an urgent client who wants to locate a gym within a short time.


The internet is the main source of advertisement and access to information. The World Wide Web (WWW.) has all the information about gyms available within the locality. They use search Engine like, among others to get the location of the gym. The main advantage of the internet is it gives additional information and reviews from customers on their experience at the gym of interest.

Social Media Platform

The search engines in social media platforms also act as a great place to locate the nearest gym and the services offered.

It is evident; internet technology forms the major form of location of gyms in your neighborhood.

PE Teacher of the Year

We’re looking for the most inspiring, motivating and dedicated PE teacher in the country. Think you know him/her? Tell us why your nominee deserves to win.

“A great teacher can literally change
the course of a student’s life”

– U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

NFL Network is looking for those life-changing PE teachers leading the fight against childhood obesity. Do you know one? We will award the NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year a $10,000 stipend, a $5,000 school companion PE grant and a trip to the NFL Draft. The NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year will also act as a spokesperson for the program in 2013, both at Keep Gym in School events and with the media.

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to participate in quality physical education. As part of the Keep Gym in School mission, we seek to increase access to in-school physical activity and to teach skills needed to establish and sustain healthy lifestyles. The PE Teacher of the Year award recognizes the role of educators in achieving that mission.

Individuals may nominate one PE teacher between September 21, 2012 and December 31, 2012 for PE Teacher of the Year; nominations are only accepted online at and must be received no later than 8:00 PM EST on December 31, 2012.

NFL Network will distribute grant applications to all nominated teachers on approximately January 6, 2013. Applications must be completed and returned to NFL Network by February 8, 2013. The application will only be provided to those teachers who are nominated.

Important Dates

Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

September 21 2012: NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year information and teacher nomination posted at

December 31, 2012: DEADLINE for nominations for NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year. Nominations must be received by 8:00 PM EST.

February 8, 2013: DEADLINE for applications for NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year. Applications must be postmarked no later than Feruary 4, 2013.

February 18, 2013: 5 finalists selected.

April 2013: NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year announced at NFL Draft Week.

Official Rules


NFL Network will appoint representatives to a judging panel, along with representatives from leading youth fitness experts including the National Association for Sport and Physical Education and Action for Healthy Kids.

NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year Criteria

Be an active, full-time classroom teacher (K through grade 12) in a public, private or charter school;

Have teaching as the primary responsibility rather than administrative or supervisory responsibilities;

Be a teacher who is planning to actively continue his/her teaching career (currently teaching and planning to remain teaching through the 2012 -2013 school year);

Possess expertise in physical education and be able to deliver age-appropriate content in a meaningful and engaging manner;

Incorporate innovative instructional materials, curriculum or techniques, to support and enhance instruction;

Show evidence of ongoing professional learning through completion of specific training and/or advanced degrees;

Display exemplary interpersonal skills in communicating with students, parents, administrators, community members and professional colleagues;Engage parents/families as partners in the learning process to enhance student achievement; and

Demonstrate a strong commitment to creating a climate of caring and respect conducive to effective teaching and learning.

Award and school grant funds will be distributed in total only after the winning teacher has signed an affidavit of eligibility.

Thank you very much for your interest in Keep Gym in School’s Teacher of the Year program. The nomination period is closed for this year.