Building a gym equipment made of wood


Physical fitness is everyone’s desire. Advanced technology has its own share of challenges including access to information at the tip of your hand. This leaves little time for workouts. You can still build your own gym equipment at home using wood. Woodwork is considered a traditional technique of building equipment. However, the technique saves money on gym subscriptions. Wooden gym equipment is built using simple tools and techniques to build strength training tools, cardiovascular kits, and stamina renewal equipment. Some of the equipment includes:

Yoga blocks

Yoga is a form of exercise mostly practiced by the Indians. It renews the physical body and the spiritual body. The stamina renewal equipment needs the following materials: wood, sandpaper, tape measure, strap and a cushion. The homemade equipment is simple and easy to make. Cut the block into desired sizes. Smoothen it with sandpaper and stick them together using the strap as simple as that. You can also make a hand –made yoga bag for portability of the block.

Foam roller

Commercial rollers are not affordable. You have an option of improvising one using wood. It is simple equipment made from wood and other locally available materials. You need wood, sandpaper, saw and a sharp knife. Cut the wood into 9 inches long and 3 inches width. Use the sandpaper to smoothen the edges into round shapes. A sharp knife helps to level the edges to make a wooden roll.


This is a traditional trampoline ideal for cardiovascular exercises. Its support is made of wood, but the inner part you can use spring for a rebound effect. Cut four pieces of wood into desired sizes depending on your size, use a strap to fix the edges to the spring. You can permanently fix it on the ground to improve its durability.

Shovel glove

This is new gym equipment, though rare in commercial gyms. It is simple equipment; all you need is a rod and an old sweater. Cut the wood into a small piece equivalent to a rod, use the old sweater to wrap it at one edge of the rod. Find the best sawstop saw here for the job. If you got a jet proshop already that would be better! That is it! To use the tool as workout equipment; you spin it in one direction after the other at specific intervals. It is believed to be ideal for breath control and cardiovascular exercises though no proven science supports this.

Hand weights

Weight lifting is a common exercise in the gym. You can use tree trunks and shape them to portable shape, for portability while exercising. The tree trunks need to shape, (circular) using a saw and sandpaper.

Woodwork project designs different gym equipment of specific purposes. Choose to make the equipment with your workout goals in mind. Great caution is required on the type of wood and its waterproof effect. Workouts are characterized by sweating; you should ensure the wood does not have an effect on it. You can build your home gym with numerous “Do it Yourself” (DIY) woodwork gym equipment.


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