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Tips in Capturing Children’s Smile using your camera


Small things like cameras fascinate children, they ignite their curiosity levels such that taking a photograph becomes a challenge. A photographer has to devise various ways to capture their attention and concentrate on the camera. Their low attention span contributes to poor photo capture, which depicts frustration and disappointment. Here are a few tips to get them have a natural smile

imagesRespect their decisions

You want to capture the right personality of the child, when you tickle them to smile yet they did not want to take the photograph, one can differentiate the fake smile from the natural smile in the photograph. Once a child decides not to take the photograph, respect that decision. Instead, involve her in other fun activities and later request if you could take it. Let children photography be fun, you can also allow them to use your camera so that you create a positive impression of your intentions. Later you will realize they will request you to take the photograph at will.

Build trust

Children have different personalities in handling visitors; the shy ones might not be comfortable with your presence. Create a rapport with the parents and other family members for bonding purposes. Let the camera be just part of your visit. The moment you enter the house and get out the camera, the child will be hostile the entire photo shoot period.

Engage them in truant games

Children love playing, engage in silly activities. At some point, let them choose which children_photography10-889x604games they may want you to engage with them. Take photographs which has the best screen resolution, they may turn out to be funny and entertaining. This creates social interactions and a friendly environment. The familiarity gives you command such that when you get too serious business they will sing to your tune. Use irony, like, do not smile, naturally, a kid will get it as a joke and smile. Fun games create a welcoming platform -a starting point for other activities.

Take photos on location

Children especially toddlers do not stay in one place. Their innovative nature is a plus to get the smile. He can run away from you and climb on top of a chair, takes a pause to smile at you. You can get the snapshot of many of those activities and make a choice on the best.

Let them take control

Defiant children love dominance, take advantage of that. Be the child and let them be the director to tell you what to do. Take turns before you realize you have the best shot of the nice smile you were looking for.

Be creative

Children are adventurous, take advantage and play hide and seek, show them the parts of the camera and their functions. Prove to them using a few shots. In the end, they become curious and want to be involved in the activity.

Children are easy and tough to handle, you have to use your own discretion and study the child’s mood at that particular time before you make a decision to take the photographs.