Ping Pong workouts benefits

Both the single and double table tennis is a physically intensive sport. It is a good form of exercise to remove excess fat and keep fit while having fun. Whether you play it for competitions or for personal growth, the overall benefit on human health is tremendous. The physical exercise involves the whole body because of fast leg and hands movement, eye coordination, and high mental intelligence to keep the ball in check or you can try ping pong robots that you can play against.

Some of the fitness benefits of ping pong include:

Physical fitness

Coordination of the legs, hands, and eyes ensure the entire body part is fit. Spinning and fast- ball return is equivalent to a marathon. This improves the player’s physical health through stronger bones and muscle movement. The fast sport ensures the total well-being of the body, which further reduces aging process, weight, and cholesterol.


Removal of excess fat

Singles tennis is more tiring compared to doubles. At the end of the match, there is a lot of sweating to burn excess fats and calories. Sweating helps excrete waste products from the body to keep you fit.


Burn calories

An hour of intensive tennis play burns an average of 270 calories. The fun and addiction of sport translate to burning more calories.


Mental fitness

Reflex movements in returning balls improve one cognitive development in ball response which in turn translates to improved mental health. It is equivalent to aerobic session responsible for long retention of the exercise.


Maintain balance

Tennis boundaries ensure a player responds to the ball in any direction; enhancing balance ideal for adult ages. Body balance is an essential component in physical health since it is responsible for coordination of body systems and organs.


Enhanced coordination

Tennis involves the ball response, spinning, hand movement, leg movement and balancing within seconds. Continuous play enhances coordination between the body parts and the ball as you take care of the boundaries and other restrictions.


Reduced injury

Tennis has a low risk of muscle and bone injury compared to cardiovascular exercises in the gym. Gym exercises are prone to workout injuries which can be costly to treat and maintain the body balance after that. Tennis play gives intensive cardiovascular exercise without even the player noticing. It is the best exercise while having fun too.


Reduced fatigue

Fatigue is a clear indication of poor physical and mental health. Improved well-being will reduce a headache and fatigue which makes the player more active. This further lead reduces minor ailments, because of generation of new body cells leading to proper body functions.


Table tennis builds a player’s five components: stamina, endurance, footwork, response power, violent power, and endurance. Intensive play with frequent stoppages increases the heart rate while keeping the body active throughout the entire session. The endurance of such body function means a great stamina. This further leads to initializing the ball with strength and proper response to violent balls as you maintain your balance. Ping Pong enthusiast have their own tables compared to other tables for more exciting game. This is a popular sport for weight loss challenge. You can achieve the full benefits of tennis as a workout after regular matches.

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